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Finally my dog was diagnosed properly

I have a 3 years old male Shih Tzu dog and was a heavy bleeding from the penis for 1 week and we have taken him to nearby good pet hospital in our city. And they did so many blood tests and gave some medicines to stop bleeding. I have used the medications. Temporarily the medicines helped him, but again in 3 days my dog started bleeding from the penis and they could not identify the problem. And dog started becoming weak day by day and I was hopeless at that movement. And at that time with the help of my friend I came to know about myonlinepetclinic.com website and I have contacted the vet online. I have also sent the blood reports and pet pictures. The Vet diagnosed the problem as “Transmissible venereal granuloma” (A sexually transmitted cancer in dogs)and suggested the treatment. I have taken the prescription to the near by pet hospital and they have given the medication prescribed by the vet in this website. Finally with in 1 week my little pet started showing improvement and in 2 weeks time he became completely alright. Thanks to Dr. Rama Krishna, without you my pet would have died by this time. And I have become the permanent client to myonlinepetclinic.com website.

Priyanka (Pet owner), Hyderabad

My dog was suffering from Parvo and got the treatment done with very low cost and could save my lovely pooch (Jennie)

My 3 months old lab puppy (Jennie) was diagnosed with Parvo Viral infection and we could not afford the treatment in a private hospital in Chennai. And we took him to a government hospital. But because of heavy rush the doctors could not concentrate on my puppy and they said there are no chances for the pup to survive because of severe blood motions and vomiting. We lost our hopes. Then I have contacted a vet in myonlinepetclinic.com website and explained him the condition and sent him the pics and previous prescriptions. Then I got a complete prescription and proper home care advises. With the help of a local vet I have followed the treatment and within 5 days my pup started eating food and in 10 days it have become completely normal. We are really thankful to the doctors in myonlinepetclinic.com website. They have provided a very valuable advice for less than an auto fare. Thanks for the help.

Robbin (Pet Owner), Chennai

We Avoided surgery with your help

My dog diagnosed with Cushing’s disease and my Vet advised for surgery. But with your online service I found alternate ways for treatment and we have avoided surgery. Thank you very much doc for your valuable advises online and saving me 10000 rupees and painful surgery for my pet.

Rani (Pet Owner), Hyderabad

Cat diagnosed with Hernia

My cat had a small lump on belly and it was slowly increasing in size. I have taken it to a nearby vet. He gave some injections and syrups but could not see any improvement and I have contacted online vet through this website and the vet asked us to get the abdominal X ray and we sent it. They he diagnosed the problem as inguinal hernia and asked us to get the surgery done immediately before it becomes large. Thanks for early and accurate diagnosis.

Varun (Pet Owner), Noida

Vet saved me a lot of money by protecting my pups in the kennel

I am a dog breeder in Hyderabad. One of my puppy was diagnosed positive for parvo viral infection and it was under treatment else where. But soon all other pups in the kennel started getting the infection and I was in a shock. In that situation, I have contacted the online vet through myonlinepetclinic.com and the vet have explained every thing regarding the disease spread and advised the preventive measures and disinfection measures to be taken in the kennel to protect the other puppies. I just followed his advises and could save all my other pups. Thank you very much doctor for your timely advise with lot of patience.

Sam (Dog Breeder), Hyderabad