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Myonlinepetclinic.com is a Veterinarian owned and operated business. We choose only the most talented Licensed Vets to be Experts. By doing so, we limit the number of Experts and thereby increase each Experts earning potential.

  • You are guaranteed payment when you answer a question or chat with a pet owner. There is no customer approval/acceptance process. You answer and you get paid!

  • The better you serve the Pet Owner, the higher your feedback score and the more money you earn

  • Only Veterinarians with an 85% or greater customer feedback rating are even able to answer questions, so the most talented Vets are rewarded for their work

  • Working from home is compatible with family life

  • Earn money at your practice during downtime

  • Become known as a Veterinary Expert and establish a FREE online presence

  • Credibility! Every expert is a Licensed Veterinarian. We do not accept applications from pet enthusiasts or other types of non-veterinarians.

What are the qualifications necessary to become an Expert? We are looking for caring talented licensed veterinarians with expertise in varying fields of vet

  • An active veterinary license in your jurisdiction.

  • No pending complaints associated with your license.

  • The willingness to have your license verified.

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